Making It Simpler

We simplify access to international employment and compliance law advice.  We remove the frustrations, complexity and administrative challenges of multi-jurisdictional employment and compliance law services.

We provide a single contact point and a single delivery point for a global employment and compliance law service. We use plain, commercially aware English.  We give advice rather than lessons in the law. Our clients manage a single employment and compliance law relationship instead of many law firms or the various offices of a large law firm.

We will invest time at the outset understanding client priorities, business objectives, documentation, approach to risk and operational preferences. This investment pays back through the avoidance of repetition or duplication of instructions and shortened turnaround times. It ensures that our advice takes account of our clients’ business objectives, values and commercial circumstances.

Saving Management Time And Cost

We save clients significant management time and cost.  We have extensive experience of the employment and compliance laws and practices of over 70 major business jurisdictions. Our experience and know how enables us to respond quickly to new instructions, ensuring no time is wasted between first instruction and the delivery of clear, commercially useful advice.

Clients have confirmed saving up to 30% of management time and legal fees through the efficiency gains we achieve.

Reducing Risk

We are very experienced managers of employment and compliance law risk.  We aim to minimise our clients’ risk from these issues in a way that is consistent with their individual approach to risk, their HR and cultural values and their commercial circumstances.

With over 20 years’ experience and extensive retained know how we are aware of the key risks on any given matter in most jurisdictions. We will know the best course of action to take in a jurisdiction not only in terms of the law but also from the perspective of local cultural and employment practices.  Our advice is always practical and useful.

Through our single point of delivery model the advice we give is consistent and aligned in terms of quality, clarity and commerciality across all jurisdictions, giving better protection from employment and compliance law risk than might be obtained from a more fragmented approach.