Termination of Employment

Countries where we have experience with this service

Terminating the employment relationship is one of the most critical and high risk areas of work for Human Resource and in-house counsel. These risks increase substantially when there are numerous jurisdictions involved, particularly in highly regulated areas such as Europe, or when there is a need to carry out the process quickly and effectively.

We have significant experience managing employee terminations in most jurisdictions. We advise on the options available and the associated risks, the best commercial option to take depending on the client’s preferred approach and objectives and how best to manage the process both from a labour relations and risk management point of view.


We advise and support the termination process for employees in any jurisdiction:

  • terminations on grounds of poor performance, misconduct, redundancy, illness or for other commercial reasons
  • initial assessments and reports on options and risks including a recommendation on the best approach
  • guiding the client through the termination process in order to manage risk
  • advising on how to handle the negotiation process or handling directly on the client’s behalf
  • assisting with the preparation of termination documentation
  • advising termination costs