Countries where we have experience with this service

All companies, no matter what their size, face some risk of a breach of antitrust law (known in the UK as competition law).  This risk is increased for companies that operate internationally where a range of different rules and legal regimes can apply and where there is no clear consensus or common approach among antitrust enforcement agencies on the question of compliance and enforcement.

Companies need to ensure compliance not only because of the high penalties that are now regularly imposed but also to avoid the significant reputational damage that can come from a successful prosecution.


We advise and support international companies on their global antitrust initiatives.

Our services include conducting multi-jurisdictional antitrust compliance projects covering:

  • policy reviews and updates
  • global policy harmonisation
  • compliance manual preparation
  • whistleblowing hotlines
  • risk assessments and investigations
  • compliance performance audits
  • preparation and delivery of staff training programmes in person and on-line
  • rolling update services
  • ad hoc country advice