Workforce Change

Countries where we have experience with this service

Change is a part of business life.  All businesses from time to time need to reorganise, restructure and sometimes reduce in size.  Whether it is a case of reorganising operations in an office or factory, closing it down altogether or changing employees’ terms and benefits in order to keep it going, these are challenging matters for Human Resources.  Workforce change is one of the high risk areas of work for Human Resources, given the potentially contentious circumstances, the impact on the workforce morale and quite often the need to obtain the employees’ consent to any changes. These risks increase significantly when the workforce changes are taking place across a number of countries where the legal situation can vary dramatically.

We have a wealth of experience helping clients project manage change from the initial high level risk assessment and strategic planning of the process, to implementation through information and consultation and employment termination if required. Our services in this area range from providing background support such as guidance on termination costs in relevant jurisdictions, through to managing full scale global reorganisation projects or changes to terms and conditions.


We advise clients on all aspects of managing workforce changes:

  • initial risk assessments of the legal position and potential exposure
  • assisting Human Resources to plan for change management, including timescales, the information and consultation process,  termination costs and document preparation
  • strategic advice on how to manage risk
  • specific advice on how to manage employee resistance to the process
  • managing global company re-structures and re-organisations including changes to roles, relocation and employee transfers to a new company in either single or multiple jurisdictions
  • managing global redundancy programmes
  • managing changes to employment terms and benefits
  • handling employment practice changes such as hours and days of work, part time working, home working and other forms of flexible working