Countries where we have experience with this service

The recruitment process has changed significantly over the last few years, particularly with the growth of online recruitment. This presents new challenges for Human Resources, such as the legal implications of recruiting employees from across the world, the use of background checks, data protection and confidentiality issues, and the application of local recruitment custom and practice to these new methods.

We are experienced in helping clients navigate these difficult legal issues, advising in particular on risk management and implementing protective processes.


We provide clients with advice on a range of global and local recruitment issues:

  • understanding local recruitment laws, custom and practice, particularly in relation to any discrimination rules
  • local and cross border data protection issues such as the holding and transfer of sensitive employment data
  • local rules on confidentiality and restrictive covenants
  • the legal issues on carrying out pre-employment background checks
  • conflicts of law and applicable jurisdiction issues
  • risk management audits of recruitment and selection processes and the use of online software