Confidentiality and Trade Secrets

Countries where we have experience with this service

All businesses need to protect the competitive advantages stored within their confidential information and (where they have them) trade secrets. One of the main areas of vulnerability comes from their own employees who need to know the secrets in order to carry out their roles.

Employers usually seek protection through contractual obligations and restrictive covenants.  However, the international employer faces a range of different laws affecting the enforceability of these provisions.  Restrictive covenants may not be enforceable at all or only in limited circumstances.


We advise and support international companies on their employment contracts  and in particular on the enforceability of non-disclosure agreements and restrictive covenants in the countries of operation. Our services include conducting multi-jurisdictional projects covering:

  • policy reviews and updates
  • employment contract reviews
  • global policy harmonisation
  • compliance manual preparation
  • whistleblowing hotlines
  • risk assessments and investigations
  • compliance performance audits
  • preparation and delivery of staff training programmes in person and on-line
  • rolling update services
  • ad hoc country advice