Local Employment Law Advice

Countries where we have experience with this service

In any global business, day to day local labour law issues arise on a regular basis, be it a small query or a more complicated matter.  Human Resources often need these issues resolved quickly and cost effectively, particularly where they have limited or no local HR resource.  When there are multiple jurisdictions involved, this can be time consuming, costly and carry increased risk.

We have been providing clients with support on day to day labour law questions for over 10 years.  Our experience and service model allows us to deliver greater value by managing the advice quickly and effectively and drawing upon our extensive know how and our relationships with our local labour law firms.  We provide a fast, single contact point response to all our clients’ questions.


We provide clients with a support service on all aspects of day to day employment law matters, either managing the advice directly or working with HR as and when needed:

  • local administrative labour rules, such as the registration of employment documents with local authorities
  • all areas of local labour law in any jurisdiction, from disciplinary, performance and sickness issues through to family friendly questions and the termination of employment
  • discrete legal issues such as the validity and enforcement of restrictive covenants and mobility clauses
  • local recruitment and discrimination rules
  • the use of contractors, secondments or other working relationships which are non-employment related