New Market Entry

Countries where we have experience with this service

To grow a business today often involves moving into new markets in foreign jurisdictions. Taking on employees in unfamiliar territory can be very challenging. Businesses must become familiar with the different local labour laws and customs and their associated risks before deciding on the best employment structures to set up.

We are familiar with the labour laws, customs and practices of most jurisdictions. We work with independent and leading labour law firms who we know are well informed on local issues and best placed to advise on the needs of a global business.

We have a long history of providing our clients with reliable local support and information.


We provide clients entering new markets with:

  • an initial report and assessment of local labour laws, practices and custom
  • practical overviews of local labour laws, highlighting the main areas of risk and the best approaches to adopt
  • guidance on the pros and cons of the different employment and working relationships
  • advice on the statutory minimum laws on terms and benefits
  • all necessary employment documentation, including contracts and handbooks
  • guidance on HR administration requirements such as local contract registration rules