UPDATE: Spain : Labour Law Reforms

Overview:  Spain is carrying out a major reform of its labour laws under the heading the Master Plan for Decent Work, approved by the Council of Ministers in July, 2018. The Plan has a number of aims including to promote employment and enterprise, guarantee worker rights and strengthen social security and social benefits.

 Law change:  Some legal changes are now formally under consideration, which will:

  • Guarantee equality of working conditions for subcontract workers;
  • Require employers to record the daily at work arrival and exit times of all workers;
  • Guarantee equality of treatment and opportunity at work between men and women;
  • Guarantee equal remuneration for equivalent work for men and women.

The Plan also includes measures to combat employment contract abuse and fraud such as the misuse of temporary or part-time contracts, excessive working hours, unpaid overtime and false self-employment structures.

Action required:  Keep informed of the progress of the law changes and be ready to update your employment practices.  A review of the progress made on implementing the Master Plan will be carried out in January 2019.