Richard Isham

Richard is an English solicitor and has 30 years’ experience practising employment law. He advises international businesses on a full range of employment matters including collective cross-border issues, harmonisation of terms, conditions and policies, restructuring and retrenching, data protection, outsourcing, transfer of undertakings and the employment aspects of corporate transactions.

He is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and has chaired or been a member of legislative consultation working parties on genetic testing in the workplace, employment agencies, part time working and directors’ remuneration.


Recent experience:

  • advising on conflict of laws and forum selection¬†in disputes with seconded employees
  • advising US global employer on pan European restrictive covenant rules
  • confirming equivalent data protection rules in non-EU countries for purposes of data transfer outside the EU
  • advising US insurer on TUPE impact of a European consolidation
  • advising on back office and secure email outsourcing in financial services
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Richard Isham