Core Facts

  • Population:  165M
  • GDP:  USD 195 billion
  • GDP per head:  USD 973
  • Workforce:  54.1M
  • Unemployment (2017):  4.3%
  • Average monthly income (2017):  USD 92


The Bangladesh Labour Act and Labour Rules only apply to ‘Workers’.  Workers are all employees other than those in a managerial, administrative or supervisory role (“Managers”).

The terms of employment for Managers are covered by their employment contract only.

For Workers, their employment terms are covered by their employment contracts but they cannot be less favourable than the Labour Act.

A Manager means a person, authorized in writing by the owner or the management, who in exercise of that authority, sets targets regarding a particular work or service, controls the scope of work, controls the implementation process, assesses and evaluates work and provides guidance and supervision to workers, appoints employees or workers in the establishment, determines wages and allowances, terminates employment or removes workers from employment, settles the final entitlements of a worker and approves or controls the expenditure of an establishment.