Brexit – The UK leaves the EU

You will have heard the UK’s decision. We now enter a period of uncertainty. We do not yet know when Brexit will happen or the precise terms of the UK withdrawal or indeed, what it will mean for the UK or Europe. Such a move has never been tried before.

While it is the role of journalists to speculate, we think it is more helpful to keep you up to date on concrete changes or proposed changes to UK and EU labour law as and when they arise.

For the time being, and probably for some time to come, no concrete legislative or regulatory changes are expected to UK labour law following directly from the referendum decision and the UK courts will continue to interpret UK labour law as before. UK employment law remains the same.

There is some immediate uncertainty as to the jurisdiction of the European Court over English law but it is too early to know how that will play out.

We will post updates as and when specific changes to labour and compliance law become apparent.